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Are any of these your particular weight loss troubles?

  • You have difficulty with diet and exercise regimens but still want to lose fat and gain muscle.
  • You are perimenopausal or menopausal and want to prevent fat gain or lose fat.
  • You feel depressed when you diet. 
  • You want to lose belly fat.
  • You want help controlling appetite and feeling less hungry between meals.
  • You find yourself on a weight loss "plateau" and just can't lose the last 5 or 10 pounds.
  • You crave and overeat carbohydrates.
  • You want to lose fat after pregnancy.
  • You need help sticking with a low-calorie diet.
  • You don't want to regain the weight you lost.
  • You're not overweight but want to keep your weight stable.
  • You want to boost the power of your workout to burn fat.

If you said YES to even just ONE of these statements, then this will be the most important message you'll ever read.

SlimOmatic Video Testimonial

Let me ask you this.

Whether it's cutting calories, exercising a couple of times a week, or changing the percentages of the carbs and protein you eat ...

The fat just won't budge.

And even if it does ...

Even if you're one of the lucky few who somehow manages to shed fat and pounds, it always comes back again.

Maybe you feel desperate.

Or hopeless.

Or just plain mad!

Discover How to Free Yourself From Extra Fat

Well, what if you were SUDDENLY SLIM?

Suddenly slim?

Yes, you read that correctly.

The truth is certainly stranger than fiction...

You can be suddenly slim...even if you've tried EVERYTHING on the list below and failed:

By suddenly, I mean a few short weeks or months (depending how much you need to lose).

By slim, I mean the total loss of every ounce of ugly fat on your body.

I imagine you'd be feeling very different, wouldn't you?

In fact, you'll probably be feeling VERY good and proud about your new 'sleek' physique.

Your better health.

Your happier future, free of extra fat!

Well, you can stop imagining ...

Permanent, safe fat loss is just a couple of mouse clicks away.

I don't care if you've always been fat.

I don't care if you think that fat is glandular in origin and you haven't got a chance.

Less than 2 out of 100 have gland problems.

I don't care if you're already on some magic formula. (Ask yourself, is it really working? Is it really magic?)

Your were not born to be fat.

Love handles ... Spare tire ... Beer belly.

I'm talking about extra abdominal fat, of course.

Doctors even have a name for it: visceral fat.

And they say too much of it puts you at greater risk for heart disease and diabetes.

But no matter what you call extra abdominal fat... it's a problem you want to solve...yesterday.

Let's face it, excess weight is killing you slowly but surely.

Did you know you have seven miles of additional capillaries for every pound of extra fat?

The human body was not created to suffer the stress of choking fat.

Sooner or later, your body will just give up and stop.

Choked to death by fat.

And then of course, it's too late.

But now, you still have time.

You CAN lose 10,20, or even 50 or more pounds without pills, shots, fad diets, hunger pangs, calorie counting and maintain your slimness for the rest of your life.

Yes, at last you can maintain your slimness or lose weight successfully without suffering through each pound of weight loss.

Works where others fail.

You see, no matter what you've been told ...

Trying to lose weight the hard way, the way that requires tons of effort, deprivation, and lots of willpower, just doesn't work!

It's NOT counting calories or even starving yourself that really makes the difference between a fat unattractive body, and a slender good looking body.


Because your body will compensate for radically decreased caloric intake and actually slow down the burning of fat.

Diets can drag you down!

You feel tired and depressed.

Restless and irritable.

And you don't want to stick with your $#%&! diet one more day!

And even worse, when you go off your starvation diet, your body will overcompensate and continue what's called the "starvation response" which in plain words means you can actually gain back more fat than you may have temporarily lost!

I mean, think about it ...

Why weight loss needs a helping hand.

Did you ever wonder why only 1 out of every 10 people succeeds in losing weight permanently?

I mean, what's wrong with the rest of us?

Do we lack willpower? Are we genetically cursed? Do we have a fat-retaining disease?

In your case, the answers to these questions are probably no, no, and no.

The real answer: You live in the 21st century!

You see, in today's world it's next to impossible to lose weight ... And it's not your fault!

Think about it for a moment ...

You're constantly bombarded with images of luscious-looking food in advertisements urging you to eat, eat, and then eat some more.

Ad images everywhere

And everywhere you go, at every hour of the day or night, there's someplace where you can buy huge portions of fattening food.

You'd practically have to be a hermit not to overeat!

And consider the overwhelming number of modern devices that make it oh-so-easy for you to never lift a finger or take an extra step.

You don't even have to walk into a fast-food restaurant ...You can just drive through!

You don't have to knead bread ... You can use a bread machine!

You don't have to roll down your car window ... Just push the button!

Yes, modern life overloads you with calories and then provides fewer and fewer ways to burn them up -- making it very difficult to lose weight and very easy to gain it.

If you're suffering the waistline ... Expanding results of living in the modern world, you're not alone.

Nearly 7000 of us...that's 2 out of every 3 adults ... are overweight.

You live, work, and play in a fat-making, fat-preserving environment, and there's no getting away from it.

What do you need to cope with this difficult situation?

A helping hand of course.

With your permission ...

There's now a way to lose weight that doesn't require counting calories or starving yourself.

That doesn't require the deprivation and suffering associated with conventional dieting!

It's what I call the lazy way to lose weight, and it's my number one secret for having a beautiful, slim, stunning body...

My number one secret for fitting into fashionable clothing ...

My number one secret for enjoying the rest of your life as a happy, healthy, permanently slim person.


YES! Lose All The Weight You Want Without Exercise, Pills, Shakes
Or Counting Carbs, Calories Or Fat!

"...just look in the mirror every day and see the visible results of unwanted fat ... unwanted flab ... unwanted cellulite ... totally disappear .. right before your very eyes"

"...The amazing thing, of course, is the speed at which it works..."

astounging breakthrough in weight loss

Imagine yourself growing slimmer and slimmer automatically ... dropping as much as 5 pounds in a week and rapidly reaching your ideal weight in just a few weeks from now - effortlessly!

It is certainly remarkable to throw off as much as 3 pounds of fat and fluid in the very first weekend.

Another neat thing is that it does not require fasting, exercise or will power.

Now at last, it is possible to lose weight without fasting or discomfort.

And as you sit there thinking about this, you grow more and more excited and wonder just how quickly you can make this happen...

To experience the kind of confidence that comes with a lean, toned attractive physique.

To be able to wear clothes that make you look and feel incredible.

To feel the adrenaline rush of stepping on the scale and seeing you’ve dropped 4 more pounds.

You can't help but smile and realize that this is your chance to finally have the body that you have always wanted.

Success Story

What customers are saying

SlimOmatic Video Testimonial

How Does Slimomatic Work?

Slimomatic is a white hotbreakthrough program that actually tames, overnight those wild sudden urges that destroy your figure!

That re-educates your taste buds and your metabolism so that you find yourself able to eat what you want, when you want it without gaining so much as a pound a day.

Using this strategy, food becomes an ally rather than an enemy.

It fills you up, but never out.

Slimomatic shows you instant and inspiring results.

You eat full, hearty meals ...

No going to bed hungry ... no starving yourself ...

And all of this without resorting to pills, drugs or tasteless "health" foods.

Slimomatic activates processes that are designed to help you cast out the negative mind-set of a dieter, and replace it with the lifestyle and belief system of a naturally thin person.

Soon these positive new behaviors become your daily routine!

Turning Procrastination into Motivation

Now you can use the power of putting things off to your advantage and super-charge your weight loss motivation.

Turn what's usually considered a negative into a positive and realize your dreams for a healthier, slimmer you! 

Slimomatic Benefit 2 - Affirmations into Action 

Discover how the right words can create powerful mental imagery of a slim, healthy and vibrant new you!

Once your subconscious experiences the positive new imagery, it will quickly put into motion all the right actions that will lead you to your goal. 

Slimomatic Benefit 3 - SMART Goals 

A goal is just a dream until you put it into action.

Learn how to set SMART Goals so that your conscious and subconscious are in harmony inspiring you to take action and quickly attain weight loss success.

Start living your dreams with Smart Goals! 

Slimomatic Benefit 4 - Taming the Tension Tiger

Stop letting stress sabotage your weight loss goals.

Because thoughts and actions are what determine the amount of stress in one's life, there is no better way to reduce or eliminate stress than through deep relaxation.

Making proper food choices seems effortless when you feel tranquil and confident.

Yes, you can literally relax away your unwanted weight! 

Slimomatic Benefit 5 - Secrets to Boosting Your Brain Power

The right side of your brain is creative and can inspire you.

The left side is logical and can put you back in control.

Learn to activate both sides of your brain for a positive change!

Attaining your ideal weight can seem effortless when you are both creative and logical in your thinking and actions! 

Slimomatic Benefit 6 - Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Activate your subconscious to help you handle and manage frustration.

As you begin to use Slimomatic, you'll find yourself using time constructively instead of destructively.

Through this exceptional hypnotic process, your mind will learn to store both positive and negative memories in ways that will enhance your weight loss success! 

Slimomatic Benefit 7 - Sense-ible Weight Loss--the Power of Choice 

Awaken all of your senses to enhance your weight loss success.

Taking off pounds and inches becomes easy when you literally see, hear, feel, and even taste what it's like to be the naturally thin person you were destined to be.

If you're looking to achieve a passion for success at every level, this is the hypnotic process for you. 

Slimomatic Benefit 8 - From Self-Imprisonment to Self-Empowerment

What do you think might happen if your mind was suddenly filled with the positive memories, beliefs and concepts of a naturally thin person?

How much easier would achieving your ideal weight become?

Well, get ready to sit back, relax and let this extraordinary hypnosis process guide you to just that kind of unlimited self-empowerment! 

Slimomatic Benefit 9 - Step into the Spotlight of Your Life

Do you know people who seem to be able to eat whatever they want but never gain an ounce?

Now this hypnotic process can take you on a virtual tour of the minds of naturally thin people.

Upon awakening it will seem as if you are living life through the eyes, ears and body of a naturally thin person - you! 

Slimomatic Benefit 10 - Bridging the Gap--From Sabotage to Success

There is a side of you that sincerely wants to lose weight.

Another side of you loves to eat and doesn't want to give up your favorite foods.

It's no wonder dieting is so tricky! Relax with this soothing hypnotic process and let your subconscious mind knock that devil off your shoulder for good! 

Slimomatic Benefit 11 - Reclaiming Your Future

Use the power of hypnosis and your own subconscious mind to discard old habits and patterns and create new ones.

Enhance your weight loss success effortlessly by letting go of the past and reclaiming the future you were born to live! 

Slimomatic Benefit 12 - Designing Your Destiny

It has been said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Use this dynamic process to spark your imagination and design the destiny you've always dreamed of. You craft the dream and then sit back, relax and let your subconscious figure out how to get you there! 

Slimomatic Benefit 13 - Positive Self-Talk--Your Key to Self-Mastery

Your struggle with weight loss stems from limited beliefs that you say to yourself over and over again as self-talk.

These are basic beliefs that dominate your life, whether you're aware of them or not.

Take advantage of this hypnotic process to cultivate your mental garden with positive thoughts. Now it's easy to create the habits, patterns and beliefs of a thin new you! 

Slimomatic Benefit 14 - Awaken Your Hidden Weight Loss Talents

Within each of us is a "talent inventory."

Unfortunately, many of our most useful talents remain hidden from our conscious view.

Now, through the power of relaxation, you will learn to activate your hidden weight loss talents, so that slimming down and getting fit becomes easy and fun

Slimomatic Benefit 15 - Forget Fattening Foods and Think Yourself Thin

How useful would it be if you could reprogram your mind like programming a computer?

What if that reprogramming allowed you to totally forget about "fat" foods and your negative habits?

How simple could weight loss become?

Listen to this process and you'll discover how powerful forgetting can be!


As easy as flipping on light switch

It is not magic... but it certainly feels like it!

When this happens, no "diet" is needed.

Your Subconscious will automatically - without any effort, thought or willpower - start burning fat and will make the "right" food choices for you.

In fact, it's hard not to notice how natural and effortless it is to have your excess weight melt away like butter in a microwave.

You can finally get rid of the excess fat, get back to your natural, healthy, attractive weight and stay that way - FOREVER!

Works No Matter How Long You’ve Been Heavy or Carb Addicted You Are

This is your ticket to:

  • Lose Weight easily and painlessly
  • Look your sexiest
  • Have more energy
  • Feel better than you have in years - Feel confident sitting down to any meal
  • Gain control over food (it no longer controls you)
  • Enjoy your favorite foods without overeating
  • Enjoy exercising if it was a chore for you in the past
  • Feel more confident
  • Feel more relaxed than you have in years
Save money (cost to see me personally for same Benefits: $600.00 per Benefit) packaged foods to buy, pills to take, or dangerous surgeries

It Shouldn’t Be This Easy

And the best part is, you can...

  • Continue losing all the weight you want
  • Stay Confident throughout your entire weight loss journey.
  • Easily Handle any food temptations
  • Remain Stress Free under difficult situations that previously caused you to overeat
  • Upgrade all areas of your health
  • Use your weight loss success to accomplish other goals you want
  • Puts Your Appetite On Mute And Applies The Brakes On Midnight Snacking!

Sometimes it feels like gnawing hunger is gnawing on you.

If you're like most people, your appetite is not exactly "under control."

Maybe you eat a little bit too much at mealtimes. (Most of us can't resist the huge portions that are dished up nowadays.)

Or you snack throughout the day, against your better judgment.

Or you raid the refrigerator late at night.

I'll tell you a secret. You will never lose weight and keep it off on ANY diet that leaves you hungry.

Hunger is an irresistible force. Sooner or later, willpower always gives in to hunger.

This diet brings hunger to a dead full stop.

You will never be hungry.

As a matter of fact, one of the unique features of "Slimomatic" makes it metabolically impossible for you to experience hunger.

You will always feel delightfully satisfied, and still lose weight.

I don't know about you, but to me, it's like heaven.

Dissolves Bulges and Melts Away Fat

I'm not sure if you know this, but studies have shown that if you lose just 10% of your body weight,  you can already enjoy:

  • Increased energy
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar
  • Fewer aches and pains from the reduced stress on your muscles and joints
  • Improved mobility and breathing
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduced risk of coronary artery disease (plaque buildup in the heart)
  • Prevention of angina, the chest pain caused by decreased blood flow to the heart muscle
  • Decreased risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke
  • Suddenly work becomes more manageable, leisure activities are more fun, physical activity is more comfortable, and it's easier to have a positive mental outlook.

Losing weight opens the door to a higher quality of life.

Do You Want To Lose It For Good?

There is no wardrobe in the world you can buy that will make you look as attractive.

There is no pill in the world that will give you as much renewed energy, or add healthy years to  your life

You can lose 20,40, 60,80 EVEN 100 pounds and never gain an ounce of it back.

Prove Every Ounce of It Entirely At Our Risk With Our Iron Clad Guarantee!

The rest if up to you of course. Right now, look bluntly at figure in the mirror. Ask yourself these questions, all of which are easily within your reach ...

  • How would you look one week from today about 5 pounds lighter?

  • How would you look 2 weeks from today about 10 pounds lighter?

  • How would you look 3 weeks from today about 20 pounds lighter?

  • And with your face radiant, and livelier and younger looking than your figure?

  • After you've lost that weight, how would you look with an additional 6 inches carved off your waist?

  • Another 6 inches carved off your hips?

  • Another 6 inches carved off your buttocks?

  • Another 4 inches carved off your thighs?

No one has ever told you this kind of weight loss and inch loss was possible. It is NOW! It works for YOU, or you don't lose a penny!

Now One Wonderful Improvement

Results are so fast and so automatic, you may feel like you converted your own body chemistry into a non-stop fat burning furnace.

Not only can you be dazzled at visible results in your own mirror, but as your weight plummets, you will feel great as your energy and vitality soar to new levels.

The Ball Is Now In Your Court

Who in the world wants to continue to hide from life behind a pot belly, a huge hiney, or a sunken chest?

The choice is now yours.

You have been on fad diets - easy diets - miracle diets.

You have lost some weight.

You have gained it right back again

Remember, you've got nothing to lose (again, just those unwanted pounds)

I will show you how to take off all those pounds you no longer want and free up the real you ...

The slim, sexy, healthy you that has been hiding for too long... and I will give you all the tools you need to take off all those unwanted pounds... OR YOU PAY NOTHING!

How much longer are you going to put off losing weight?

As soon as you start using Slimomatic, you'll realize just how easy it is to get back down to your ideal weight.

Since this is a 100% risk-free offer, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So go ahead and give this Slim-O-Matic a try now.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can reach your goal weight.


SlimOmatic Video Testimonial

If you’re thinking now is not the right time for you to dramatically improve your body, health, and life, please ask yourself these two simple questions:

If Not Now, When?

Remember ...

You don't have to wait weeks for this diet secret to work.

It starts instantly.

You can actually see the results in just a few days!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking “I’ll do it later.”

Later may never come!

Remember, if you wait until everything is perfect before you take action, you’ll be waiting forever!

Every minute you hesitate is one more minute you’ll be forced to spend with the “old you” (And I want to help you get the “new you” as I have thousands of others!)

Visualize yourself with a “picture perfect”, viverent, attractive, and lean figure.

Can you see it?

Now, imagine how great you’ll feel with the new found respect and admiration of others -- and more confidence, control and passion for you!


You can have all of this.

But you have to decide, right now, to give yourself a chance to make this "new you" a reality with Slimomatic.

There is no better time than now to take action to escape the old you and into the new!


To The New Slim You!

Victoria Summers


P.S. Don’t forget, with my no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee you get a full 60 days to evaluate the program and make sure it truly is the fastest way to FREE yourself from extra fat. Get your no-risk copy here.

P.P.S This course has helped thousands of people take control of their bodies and "switch to slim". This is cutting-edge slimming technology designed to literally melt away years of built-up fat.

P.P.P.S A year from now, you can be nothing more than a year older, or you can finally have the body that you've always wanted. You choose.


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